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Diversity Month is a NMMU MANCOM initiative about change and intellectuality, as well as a catalyst for transformation and building social cohesion. While our students are transitory, they will leave with impressionable ideas of scholarship, engagement and citizenship. Our staff who will remain with the NMMU for much longer periods are understanding the need for openness; diversity; sharing a common vision and mission; and NMMU’s student-centred approach.

The serious issues which underlie NMMU-Diversity Month, which were previously hidden and reserved for ‘corridor talk’ and small exclusive groups, are now surfacing as organizational issues of climate, culture, lived experience and ethos. The critical advancement is that staff and students alike are opening their personal and group spaces towards forging relationships with the wider NMMU community.

Diversity Month must be measured against its objectives which are:

  • to provide content to the policies of the NMMU and CANRAD’s vision and mission;
  • engage the university community in activities and programmes that support and concretize non-racialism and democratic practice;
  • utilize the month of August to highlight “Women’s Day” and gender issues;
  • contribute towards transformation and social cohesion at the NMMU; and
  • provide a platform for promoting engagement with the community and other interested entities.

When viewed against the above objectives, it is clear that Diversity Month is serving a strategic and purposive function. We have not yet achieved the ideal university ethos, but collectively our willingness to serve the mission of the NMMU and to learn from our experience is our best achievement yet.

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