The continuities of the effects of racism, social and economic fragmentation on the working class and poor communities of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Bay

CANRAD hosted their first conference in March 2012 which took place over two days. The purpose of the conference was to provide a platform and space for engagement between communities and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

It was hoped that through such a conference the relationship between academic research, i.e. the work of the university, and the issues facing the identified communities would be clarified so that the process of developing knowledge and its application are enhanced.

Dr Sibongile Muthwa, DVC of Institutional Support officially opened the conference which focused on the causes, effects and ways of dealing with apartheid’s legacies on these communities. A range of issues including community and stakeholder participation, education, substance abuse, sport and recreation was discussed.

CANRAD Local Conference, North Campus Conference Centre