Event location: Senate Hall

Event date and time: 16/03/2018 10:00:00

The Anti-Racism Network in Higher Education (ARNHE) colloquium for 2018 is to be hosted under the theme of "Gender justice and anti-racist project: inspoiration from contemporary decolonial intesectional feminist young activist performsnce and performative activism"

The Anti-Racism Network in Higher Education (ARNHE) is an organic structure that began operating in June 2008 in response to the events that happened at the Reitz Residence as well as the overall challenges of racism in Higher Education institutions in South Africa. ARNHE facilitates the co-ordination of events to provide a space for sustained critical dialogue amongst academics, higher education administrators, students and staff, on the impact of racism and the intersections between race and other social asymmetries such as gender, xenophobia, class, and differentiated ability within the higher education sector. 

Contact information
Siphokazi Tau
Programme Coordinator