The portfolio of Advocacy, Education and Training and the work of CANRAD are aimed at contributing to the Nelson Mandela University philosophy and vision. The Nelson Mandela University is positioning itself as an engaged institution to play a role towards achieving a sustainable future through critical scholarship. The university believes that by producing cutting-edge knowledge, superior graduates and relevant community engagement, it will be helping to improve the living conditions of all South Africans. Accordingly, CANRAD’s contribution will help towards creating a prosperous, democratic and inclusive society.

The Advocacy, Education and Training portfolio focuses on two important areas, namely: non-racialism and democracy activism; and an educational platform for non-racial and democratic discourses. The processes to achieve both focus areas are envisaged through research-, programme- and partnership activities.

Non-racialism and democracy are conceptualised as mutually constituting. The South African Constitution gives a distinctive meaning to both concepts: they are values towards nation-building, rather than instrumentalist processes of governance. Non-racialism and democracy constitute the basis of a new societal culture. Each member of society, irrespective of his/her identity or categorisations used in the past, is viewed first through the lens of the humanist doctrine, then secondary as a citizen with the freedom to develop his/her political, economic, social, and cultural potentiality.

Engagement events include:

The annual Steve Biko Memorial Lecture

The quarterly Community Dialogues, co-hosted with The Herald

The annual Israel Apartheid Week

The annual Diversity Month 

The annual Africa week

The regular Bua Mfundi student engagement seminars

Monthly academic seminars