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Struggle and Hope - Reflections on the Recent History of the Transkeian People

by Mda Mda

Edited by Allan Zinn


Steve Bantu Biko Lives - the Quest for a Human Face

Memorial Lecture Series 2011-2016

Edited by Allan Zinn

Free of charge

Deepening the Conversations

Practice Reflections on the Institutional Culture Enlivening Process at Nelson Mandela University

by Ilze Olckers 

Non-Racialism in South Africa

The Life and Times of Neville Alexander

Edited by Allan Zinn

Afrikaner Turned Freedom Fighter

Dr Beyers Naudé Lecture Series

Edited by Allan Zinn

Free of charge

Books and Book Chapters

Routledge International Handbook of Critical Studies in Whiteness

Edited by Shona Hunter and Christi van der Westhuizen

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Whose History Counts -

Decolonising African Pre-colonial Historiography

Edited by June Bam, Lungisile Ntsebeza and Allan Zinn

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Sitting Pretty - White Afrikaans Women in Postapartheid South Africa

by Christi van der Westhuizen

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White Power & the Rise and Fall of the National Party

by Christi van der Westhuizen

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Working Democracy - Perspectives on South Africa's Parliament at 20  Years

by Christi van der Westhuizen

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The Intersections of Whiteness

'Strategies of whiteness and the counter-potential of shame in the production of "Afrikaner" femininity in postapartheid South Africa,' by Christi van der Westhuizen

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The Unresolved National Question - Left Thought under Apartheid

'The Unity Movement and the national question,' by B Brown, MP Giyose, H Petersen, C Thomas and A Zinn

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Transforming Transformation in Research and Teaching at SA Universities

'To do difference differently: Intervening at the intersection of institutional culture and the curriculum,' by Christi van der Westhuizen

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Gender Under Construction - Femininities and Masculinities in Context

'Still Pink and Pale. White Afrikaans heterofemininity in postapartheid South Africa,' by Christi van der Westhuizen

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Nasty Women Talk Back - Feminist Essays on the Global Women's Marches.

'To womb it may concern,' by Christi van der Westhuizen

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Whiteness, Afrikaans, Afrikaners - Post Apartheid Legacies, Privileges and Burdens.

'White Power Today,' by Christi van der Westhuizen

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Rethinking Reconciliation - Evidence from South Africa

'Rejuvenating reconciliation with transformation,' by Christi van der Westhuizen

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The End of the Representative State? Democracy at the Crossroads

'Democratising South Africa: Towards a “conflictual consensus”,' by Christi van der Westhuizen

Other journal articles and book chapters

Christi van der Westhuizen

Journal articles

2020. ‘“I am berated as a Communist because I sometimes wear a red tie”: Not forgetting Dr Petronella ‘Nell’ van Heerden.a/b Auto/Biography Studies 35(3), 771-788.

2018. ‘(Un)sung Heroines: The rise and fall and rise of the Afrikaner nationalist volksmoeder in South Africa.’ Matatu Journal for African Culture and Society 50, 258–279.

2018. (with S. Spangenberg). ‘Kritiese besinnings oor die Israelse eiendomsaansprake op Palestina / Critical Reflections on Israel’s Claims on Palestine’. Litnet Akademies [Litnet Academic] 15 (3).

2016. ‘Race, Intersectionality and Affect in Postapartheid Productions of ‘the Afrikaans White Woman’. Critical Philosophy of Race 4 (2), 221-238.

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2012 (with T.M. Blaser). ‘The Paradox of Post-Apartheid “Afrikaner” Identity: Deployments of Ethnicity and Neo-Liberalism.’ African Studies 71:3, 380-390.

2009. ‘Power and Insecurity: The Politics of Globalisation.’ HTS Theological Studies (Special Globalisation Edition) 65:1, 617-623.


Book chapters

(forthcoming, 2022) ‘Apology as pathway out of white unknowing’. In Judge, M., and Smythe, D. (eds) Unsettling Apologies - Critical Writings on Apology from South Africa. Bristol: Bristol University Press.

(forthcoming, 2022). ‘Left, right, left: Moving beyond the binary to think fascism in Africa’. In Pinheiro-Machado, R., and Vargas Maia, T. (eds.) The Radical Right in the Global South. Oxon: Routledge.

(forthcoming, 2022). ‘Reconstructed? White Afrikaans Women in Postapartheid South Africa.’ In Tate, S.A. and Gutiérrez Rodríguez, E. (eds.) Palgrave Handbook on Race and Gender. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

(2021). ‘Lesbian dis/appearances: Epistemic violence against internal dissidents in the formation of Afrikaner identity’. In Jones, C. (ed.) Violence - South African Perspectives. Stellenbosch: African SUNMedia.

(2021). ‘Power, knowledge and journalism: The Naspers-127 submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and its aftermath.’ In Rodny-Gumede, Y., Chasi, C., Jaffer, Z. and Ponono, M. (eds.) Decolonising Journalism Education in South Africa: Critical Perspectives. Pretoria: Unisa Press.

(forthcoming). ‘Un/becoming Nell van Heerden: Afrikaner assemblages of colonial whiteness’. Willoughby-Herard, T., Ntshinga, T., and Mabaso, N. (eds) African Perspectives on Critical Whiteness. Past, Present and Future Formations. Albany: State University of New York Press.


Allan Zinn


(forthcoming). George Botha – Educator, Detainee and Freedom Fighter.

(forthcoming). As editor with Zinn, D. and Daniels, A. Victor Wessels Poetry & Political Writings.

2007. As editor with Lawrence, L. Siyimbewu: Stories of Transformation and Renewal in East London. Iqula Press.

2005. With Zinn, D. and Williams, R. Gender Equity Development In Higher Education In South Africa. Pretoria: USAID.

2002. With Zinn, D. Strengthening Higher Education In South Africa. Port Elizabeth: USAID.

1983 (reprinted in 1984, 1985, 1988). SACOS: Sports Administrators Course Guide. Port Elizabeth.

Journal articles

2016. With Queench, T. and Stuurman, S. ‘Students’ Understanding of Non-Racialism and Citizenship Framings as Imperative for a HE Transformative Agenda based on Inclusivity and Social Justice: The case of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.’ International Journal of Educational Sciences 13 (1).

Book chapters

2009. With Lawrence, L. Chapter 'From Project to Programme: the IMBEWU journey in transformation. In Sayed, Y, Kanjee, A and Nkomo, M. (eds.) The elusive search for quality in post-apartheid SA: Interventions to improve teaching and learning Pretoria: HSRC.

Conference proceedings

2007. As editor. Imbewu Programme Review Conference: Conference Proceedings. East London. DfID.

Providing Editorial/ Publications Support 2004 to date:

2019. As editor in chief. Zini, G, Jazz Notes: A Music and Social History of Musicians. Port Elizabeth: NMU AHC.

2008. Mqotsi, L. The Mind In Chains. Providing editorial services preparing novel for publication and negotiating contract with lqula Press, East London.

2007 – 2007. As lmbewu Programme Manager, commissioning 18 Research and Scoping Study Reports published and disseminated. 

2004 – 2007. As lmbewu Programme Manager, supporting the publication and distribution of 26 Baseline and Longitudinal Evaluation Research Studies.