Allan Zinn obtained a Fulbright Scholarship to complete an M Ed in Curriculum and Teaching and an MA in Social Studies, both from Columbia University in New York, USA. He lectured at Rhodes University, Columbia and Clark universities in the USA. Earlier he had taught History and Human Movement at Bethelsdorp High School and was part of the initiative to establish the Eastern Cape Teachers Union in 1985. Having been involved in a wide range of community and political organisations, he served on the six-member National Executive of the Anti-Apartheid South African Council on Sport (1984 - 1988) as Publications Secretary. He worked for non-governmental organisations and donor-funded projects, most notably managing the IMBEWU II Programme in the Eastern Cape. Allan has published and edited materials in the Political, Education, Gender Equity and Sports arenas. He has been Director of the Centre for the Advancement of Non-Racialism and Democracy since inception in 2010. His publications include: (as editor) Struggle and Hope: Reflections on the recent history of the Transkeian People by Mda Mda (2019); (as co-editor) Whose History Counts: Decolonising African Pre-colonial Historiography (2018); and (as editor) Non- Racialism in South Africa: The life and times of Neville Alexander (2016).