Karin van Marle joined the Department of Public Law, University of the Free State in February 2019.  Before joining the UFS she worked as professor in the Department of Jurisprudence, University of Pretoria where she taught Jurisprudence on undergraduate and postgraduate levels for many years. Several doctoral and research masters students completed their studies under her supervision and she currently supervises a number of postgraduate students working in the field of critical jurisprudence, law and transformation and feminist theory.

Her research falls within the broad field of law and the humanities and involves critical theory, legal philosophy and jurisprudence. Her work on post-1994 jurisprudence engages with the crisis of modernity and a rethinking of law and legal theory along the lines of fragility, finitude and a ‘giving up of certitudes’. She is an ethical feminist and her research and writing are inspired by and embedded in feminist theory.

She has published widely in national and international journals and books. She serves on the international editorial boards of Law and Critique and the international advisory board of Feminist Legal Studies and Legalities. She is an adjunct professor at Southern Cross University, Australia and is a Fellow at Stias (Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study).