Allan Zinn is the Director of the Centre for the Advancement of Non-Racialism and Democracy (CANRAD) at the Nelson Mandela University. A Fulbright Scholarship enabled him to undertake post-graduate studies at Columbia University, US. He has taught at Columbia, Clark and Rhodes universities and has extensive experience in the non-governmental and donor-funded sectors, working for the Educational Support Services Trust (ESST) and the IMBEWU II Programme in the Eastern Cape. He has published and edited materials in the areas of Education, Political, Gender Equity and Sports. His most recent edited works include:

  • Non-Racialism in South Africa: The life and times of Neville Alexander (2016)
  • Whose History Counts: Decolonising African Pre-colonial Historiography (2018)
  • Struggle and Hope: Reflections on the recent history of the Transkeian People by Mda Mda (2019)