Sonwabo Stuurman is the Senior Manager of Advocacy, Education and Training at CANRAD and holds Masters, Honour’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Rhodes University. His interest in human rights and their protection was one of the major reasons why he enrolled to study Law and Political Science at Rhodes University. Sonwabo has worked as a researcher for various think tanks at Rhodes University, including the Institute of Social and Economic Research, the Public Service Accountability Monitor and the Centre for the Study of Democracy. Between 2010 and 2013, Sonwabo served as an Executive Manager of the New Lovelife Trust, a national HIV/Aids Campaign, where he was tasked to monitor and evaluate programme implementation, fundraising and financial management of the Cacadu region in the Eastern Cape. In his capacity as senior manager, he has served and advised on different youth structures within the university and broader society. His research interests include youth social and political activism, democracy, development and human rights, social justice and institutional culture transformation.