Odwa Sikrweqe is currently serving as a Research and Engagement Intern at CANRAD while pursuing a PhD in Psychology at Nelson Mandela University. His academic journey is marked by a profound dedication to understanding indigenous knowledge systems within the context of African-centred Psychology. Having obtained a MA degree in Psychology (Research) and a BA Honours in Psychology from Nelson Mandela University, he has cultivated a deep understanding of the subject matter. Prior to these achievements, he earned his BA degree in Psychology from the same institution. His research interests extend across a multifaceted terrain, exploring the dynamic interplay between multiple areas such as psychology, culture, religion, non-racialism, democracy, gender, sexuality, and class. Through his scholarly pursuits, his research strives to contribute to a more inclusive and socially just society by illuminating the complexities of identity, power dynamics, and social change. Additionally, Odwa has showcased his research findings at various national and international conferences, engaging with scholars and practitioners from diverse backgrounds. His presentations have not only disseminated valuable insights but have also fostered meaningful dialogue and collaboration within the academic community. Moreover, Odwa hopes to contribute to the scholarly discourse through publications of his work in reputable journals and edited volumes.